Changes to Bonus Depreciation for Investors

The IRS uses different tax rules for individuals and businesses. The government taxes nearly everything individuals and couples earn in a given year. In fact, you generally pay taxes at both the state and federal levels, which can significantly reduce the amount of money left for personal needs. Companies calculate

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The Benefits of Passive Investing

As a successful businessperson, you recognize the importance of delegation. It enhances efficiency, increases productivity, and improves time management, allowing you to focus on higher-priority matters. Delegating also utilizes specialists (i.e., the accountant who does your books), reducing the skills you must acquire to get certain things done.

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What is Multifamily Real Estate Investing?

You want to invest in real estate. You understand it can increase diversification without taking on more risk. In fact, a 2021 Gallop poll revealed that 63% of Americans owned real estate while only 52% had stock investments. Among the wealthy, it remains popular. But Where Do You Start? Single-family

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