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McKee ATM Income Fund

For Accredited Investors Only

While we intend to monetize the ATM location with advertising revenue, the core financial model and practicable relevance of an ATM is very strong. While it’s not typically our peer demographic that uses an ATM, there is a large demographic of people who are increasingly using ATMs. This demographic could be generally characterized under one or multiple of the following summary points:

"Core ATM Function" Viability

  • Underbanked or unbanked demographic
  • Lack credit and thus credit card access
  • Has credit capacity, however distrusts credit card given security and hack breaches evidenced by an uptick in usage with security breaches at larger retailers in the past few years
  • Use ATMs for EBT debit cards which is growing demographic, especially in tier 1 cities*
  • Use Prepaid debit cards as they fall under the underbanked or unbanked demographic**
  • Use ATM for transferring funds or other bank functions in lieu of doing online given security concerns

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