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Message From the CEO

Over the years, working with investors and potential investors, I have discovered commonality among many of the questions potential investors have regarding real estate syndications.

To address this need, I added a blog under the resource tab on my website. In addition to posting to the website, this monthly newsletter will provide a way to quickly review the most recent articles.

If you are interested in learning more about commercial real estate investing, real estate syndications, and adding depth to your portfolio through multifamily properties, these topics will address the most frequently asked questions.

Jeff McKee

World Events Impacting Commercial Real Estate Investments: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

On the 24th of February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine, dominating headlines over the past two weeks. The world responded by condemning Russia, cheering on Ukraine, and opening doors to the millions of refugees it created. With no end in sight, the economic impacts will continue to ripple across the world.

Rising gas prices became the first and most obvious consequence of war. Russia produces an estimated 9.7 million barrels of oil per day. If the US stops buying oil from Russia because of the conflict, we could see prices continue to climb for the foreseeable future especially as the US seeks to ban importing Russian oil.

Inflation was already at the highest level since the 1980s. The war in Ukraine is likely to exasperate the situation. Higher oil prices impact the cost of all goods because of higher transportation costs. It will also drive up electric and home heating costs, swelling inflation to even higher levels. The Federal Reserve is expected to raise rates in March 2022 and has signaled that it will continue to mitigate inflation through interest rate adjustments.

The market’s reaction to the war has been increased volatility and sharp declines. The Dow lost 700 points the morning after the invasion. The S&P fell by 1.3% the first week of March, with the Nasdaq losing 2.8%. Market rallies have been short-lived as tension and uncertainty rule the day.

Market volatility, higher inflation, and rising interest rates will directly impact commercial real estate investments.

In many cases, multifamily properties in the right location can be an excellent way to diversify market holdings and serve as a hedge against inflation. Multifamily units tend to have short leases renewed annually, allowing managers to make cost adjustments to rental rates in line with market trends. So, while rising interest rates increase the cost of borrowing, higher rents tend to offset those costs. Real estate also tends to be less volatile than the stock market, which can be beneficial in uncertain times.

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Recently Closed Deals:

We recently closed two deals in Atlanta. The first was Life at Marketplace and the second 1890 Adams house for a combined 658 units. Both communities will drive returns through improved property management, renovations to individual units, and upgrading amenities. Life at Marketplace has an anticipated hold period of five years, whereas the Adams house has a hold period of six years, with expected annual return rates of over 20%.

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