What is a Solo 401K

Designated retirement accounts create an investment vehicle with tax-preferred treatment. One of the most popular is the company-sponsored 401k. But you might also qualify for a Solo 401k, which is tailored to entrepreneurs and provides additional opportunities to set aside funds in tax-preferred accounts. Here’s what you need to know

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Self directed IRA versus Solo 401K, Which is Better

The IRS permits tax-preferred retirement accounts to hold alternative investments, including real estate, syndications, and business investments. To expand your retirement portfolio beyond the stock market, you must open a self-directed account. You can accomplish this through a self-directed IRA or self-directed Solo 401k. While both are retirement accounts, significant

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Guide to Setting Up a Self-Directed IRA

Self-directed IRAs create a tax haven for investing retirement funds in alternatives outside the stock market. It allows you to shelter gains while opening the door to investment opportunities not available in conventional IRA accounts. If you are interested in expanding your retirement portfolio, you need a self-directed IRA. Alternative

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What You Need to Understand About Self-Directed IRAs

Real estate is one of the most popular alternative investments available. It can be a low-risk option that improves portfolio diversification and reduces volatility while providing reliable income and capital gains. The challenge is the high cost of entry. Whether individually or through syndication, real estate purchases often require a

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How Self Directed IRAs Work

Pensions are becoming rare, making IRAs and company-sponsored investment plans essential for retirement planning. The challenge is that most accounts include significant restrictions on how you can invest contributions. For example, company-sponsored plans, like 401ks, tend to offer a dozen or so mutual funds, making it difficult to diversify adequately.

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