Maximizing Tax Benefits Through Multifamily Investing

Multifamily investing offers robust returns without the volatility of the stock market. Yet, when you add in the tax benefits, you can optimize financial strategies to achieve even higher rates of return not reflected in IRR (Internal rate of return) and cash-on-cash calculations. Here are a few of the tax

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Economic Forces Have Hit the Pause Button on Apartment Construction

Inflation and interest rates impact virtually every aspect of our lives. We have seen that firsthand as the combination has driven up costs on everything from consumer goods to borrowing. Beyond the impact on consumers, the double whammy of higher prices and escalating interest rates has directly impacted new construction

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Demystifying Depreciation Recapture in Real Estate Investments

Whether you own and manage properties independently or have multiple partners in commercial real estate projects, investing in real estate is a proven method for building wealth. Part of the appeal is the tax benefits, including the ability to deduct depreciation lowering your annual taxable income. However, when you take

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