What to Include in Your Annual Portfolio Review

Between high levels of market volatility, rising interest rates, and a looming recession, this year’s portfolio review might become more about protecting assets than maximizing gains. As you measure success and look for ways to mitigate risk, here are a few critical areas to consider: Performance: What’s Working and What’s

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Pros and Cons of Real Estate Investing

Aside from owning stocks in various sectors, real estate is a popular way to diversify. It can reduce portfolio risk and lower volatility while producing market rate gains. In some cases, it can offer passive income opportunities. Real estate investments do not move with the stock markets, and values tend

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Stocks or Real Estate Investments: Which is Better

In a time of economic uncertainty, you may question whether to focus on investing in stocks or real estate. Market conditions have increased stock volatility, and you may want an additional hedge against inflation and recessionary conditions. Here we compare stocks and real estate to help you decide which is

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Buying REITS versus Investing in Real Estate Syndications

Real estate opportunities not requiring you to locate and purchase property generally boil down to either REITS or syndications. Both are passive investments, offering partial property ownership, typically outside an individual’s budget. The sponsor of the syndication or the fund manager of the REIT source opportunities, completes due diligence, manages

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