Why Invest With Us

Why Our Investor Partners Love Multi-Family?

Strong Returns

Without the volatility of traditional investments and stock market risk

Cash Flow

Of consistent income distribution directly to your bank account.

Tax Benefits

Through accelerated depreciation and cost segregation.

Inflation and Recession-Resilient Asset

Multi-family housing is designed to perform well in times of economic expansion as well as recession.

Ownership of a Tangible Asset

Easy to understand how it generates revenue and valued in its physical form.

Funding Options

Multiple funding options when acquiring an equity position in an asset: Cash, Self-Directed IRAs, Solo 401Ks, SEP IRAs, SIMPLE IRAs, Trusts and LLCs.

Complete Financial Transparency

We are seeking repeat INVESTOR PARTNERS that will sing our praises because of the good experiences that they have had. We establish this by exceeding expectations with how well the business plan is executed, monthly communication, access to financials, and connecting with partners in a timely manner.

Fully-Automated Investor Portal

Our investor platform, Syndication Pro, allows INVESTOR PARTNERS to have 24/7 access to financials, Sponsor communication, records of distributions, and more.

Why Invest With Us?

At the McKee Capital Group we help busy professionals create new sources of passive income by offering private placement investments in apartment communities providing above average tax favored returns in a lower risk asset class.

These investments provide strong passive cash flow to investors along with protecting your wealth while improving the living conditions for residents in these apartment communities.

Our Process

Step 1

Contact Us. Reach out to McKee Capital Group by sending us an email or contacting us via the website if you are interested in gaining financial freedom.

Step 2

Schedule a Meeting. You can invest the same amount you would in a single family home; but with multifamily you take advantage of high-valued real estate with high return values that would otherwise be unobtainable.

Step 3

Choose Asset.  Access Private Placement Memorandum(s) (PPM) from McKee Capital Group Investor Portal for current multi-family deals you are interested in to conduct your own due diligence, review with your attorney and/or CPA and find the right opportunity for you.

Step 4

Qualify. Fill out the application for the new investment opportunity in the McKee Capital Group Investor Portal and e-sign the executed PPM to McKee Capital Group for the deal sponsor/syndicator to review for acceptance.

Step 5

Fund your Investment. Follow the Wiring Funds Instruction in the McKee Capital Group Investor Portal for the Property.  You never write a check or wire money directly to McKee Capital Group.

Step 6

Track your Returns. Receive continuing communication from the Deal Sponsor/Syndicator throughout the lifecycle of the project.

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