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Our goal at the McKee Capital Group is to help 1,000 new and experienced investors achieve financial freedom by investing in private placement offerings of apartment communities providing above average tax favored returns in a lower risk asset class.  These investments provide strong passive cash flow to investors along with protecting their wealth while improving the living conditions for residents in these apartment communities.

We partner with other professionals as part of a General Partner team on these investment opportunities to source off market deals, engage directly with brokers, underwrite the deals conservatively, perform the onsite due diligence, negotiate pricing/terms, secure the debt, raise the necessary capital and effectively manage the asset, with the the assistance of full-time third party property management, then ultimately increase the Net Operating Income by implementing the business plan and selling over a 4 – 7 year hold period.  As a passive Limited Partner investor you will benefit from our experience and performance of these assets.

I am a General and/or Limited Partner on 15 Class B and C Multi-family apartments communities, 4000+ apartment units/doors with $200M+ Assets Under Management (AUM) across 10 cities/MSAs and 7 states in the South and Southeast of the United States.

Out of these 15 syndications, I am a General Partner on 10 of these assets, 2,500+ apartment units, Key Principal/Guarantor on 4 assets including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac non-recourse debt all in less than 18 months with support from mentors, partnering and networking.

I am qualified as an accredited and a sophisticated investor.

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