How a Family of 3, Progressed from Passive to Active Multifamily Investor‪s‬

Join us as we catch up with the McKees: Jeff, Cindy and their son Brice who after 3 years investing passively as a family, decided they wanted to become more active investors and include their son in the process. What did they do? They joined Think Multifamily in August of 2020, and today, in December 2020, the McKees are LPs (passive investors) on 6 apartment syndications with 1,600 doors and co-GPs on 1 syndication with 134 doors. Find out exactly how they did it.

Austin Real Estate Investing

Listen as I talk with Jordan Moorhead about different types of investments, what strategies that currently work in the Austin area, how to be aggressive in your investing,  creating mailbox money, transition from single to multifamily investing, and much more.

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