Pros and Cons of Stock Investing

Buying and selling stocks is one of the most popular ways to build wealth. It takes very little capital to purchase shares of a mutual fund or ETF and create a relatively diversified portfolio. Best practices encourage starting early and making regular contributions. In return, you could achieve enough gains

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How Demand for Single-Family Homes Affects Apartment Rentals

Homebuying patterns and demand for apartment housing do not move in tandem, and the ease of purchasing a home directly impacts the number of households looking for apartments to rent. The State of Home Sales in 2022 and 2023 Rising interest rates caused a slowdown in the homebuying market beginning

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Is There Really a Housing Shortage?

Will 2022 be known for its record-breaking building construction starts or a housing slowdown? If you follow housing news, you can read conflicting messages across platforms. Sometimes on the same day. That may cause you to question whether there is a housing shortage and, if so, how it will impact

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The Anticipated Growth Path for Apartment Buildings in 2023

The pandemic led to worker shortages, supply chain disruptions, and a global slowdown that delayed millions of construction projects in 2020 and 2021. As a result, fewer new apartment completions came online, exasperating the housing shortage in growing markets. To make up for growing demand, 2022 saw the highest level

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Housing Trends for the Next Decade

Real estate investing is not one size fits all. From the financial requirements to the time commitments, there is a great deal of flexibility depending on how you add real estate to your portfolio. Some investors flip houses, while others hire a property management firm to supervise rentals, buy REITs

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