Financing Options for Multifamily Real Estate Transactions

Real estate syndications allow you to combine funds with other investors and participate in professionally managed commercial properties. When buying an apartment complex through a syndication, you invest in a segment of commercial real estate experiencing exponential growth. In the last decade, apartment complex prices rose by 156%, with rents

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Market and Buying Criteria Used by McKee Capital Group

At McKee Capital Group, we use a conservative and focused approach to select investment deals offered through real estate syndications. With an emphasis on multifamily housing, our portfolio includes $250M assets under management across over 3,400 units with participation as both a managing partner and limited partnerships. Geographic Focus Targeted

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Guide to Investing in Commercial Real Estate Syndications

Andrew Carnegie famously said, 90% of millionaires built their wealth by owning real estate. “More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined.” Even though he made these comments in the late 1800’s most millionaires today continue to agree with his statement. The challenge is

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How Real Estate Investment Syndications Work

Syndications achieve the benefits of owning real estate without the time commitment. They are a good fit for those who want real estate in their portfolio but lack the time or expertise required to vet, purchase, and manage the assets. In most cases, you can achieve reliable and consistent returns

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