How to Transfer a 401k or Company-Sponsored Account to an IRA

With employees changing jobs about every four years, there are many opportunities to roll over company-sponsored retirement accounts into an IRA. And yet, most employers do not provide information about when and how to transfer account funds. The reality is if you have investments sitting in retirement accounts with a

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Monthly Newsletter – April 2022

Message From the CEO As inflation grips the nation, interest rates are on the rise. Beyond the concern of an impending recession, higher rates increase borrowing costs and stock market volatility, impacting both real estate and traditional market investments. These conditions call for a review of your investment strategies. We

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Tax Benefits of Multifamily Investing

When investing in alternatives such as real estate, rates of return are not as straightforward as glancing at the stock ticker. Many only consider the internal rate or cash-on-cash return to measure investment quality. This oversimplification does not consider the tax advantages of real estate, which can dramatically impact the

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Sources of Capital for Passive Real Estate Investors

Real estate syndications can provide a low-risk investment with steady returns, dividends, and appreciation, drawing interest from a wide range of investors. However, with investment minimums of $50,000 or more, it can be challenging to identify the capital required to participate. Below are the most common sources of capital for

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How Real Estate Syndication Deals Make Money

Cash flow comes from either active or passive approaches. Because active strategies trade time for money, the more you can capitalize on passive stratagems, the better. Investments work the same way. The goal is to create a portfolio centered around high-performing passive investments while balancing risk and reward. You are

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