How to Invest in Real Estate Syndications Through a Solo 401K

A commercial apartment complex ranges from $4M to $60M, depending on the market, size, and condition of the building. The national average for a 50-unit apartment building is $11M. Well beyond the financial means of most investors. For many, real estate syndications open the door to these larger opportunities. You

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How to Set up a Solo 401K

Solo or individual 401ks are popular retirement accounts for freelancers and self-employed individuals. You may contribute up to $61,000 per year (2022) through employer and employee contributions. It also has attractive benefits like the ability to borrow from the account. You can establish both a Traditional and Roth version, giving

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What is a Solo 401K

Designated retirement accounts create an investment vehicle with tax-preferred treatment. One of the most popular is the company-sponsored 401k. But you might also qualify for a Solo 401k, which is tailored to entrepreneurs and provides additional opportunities to set aside funds in tax-preferred accounts. Here’s what you need to know

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Self directed IRA versus Solo 401K, Which is Better

The IRS permits tax-preferred retirement accounts to hold alternative investments, including real estate, syndications, and business investments. To expand your retirement portfolio beyond the stock market, you must open a self-directed account. You can accomplish this through a self-directed IRA or self-directed Solo 401k. While both are retirement accounts, significant

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